Local Government Areas

The South West of Western Australia is covered by 12 local governments authorities (LGA’s).

The roles and responsibilities of Local Government can include:

  • infrastructure and property services, including local roads, bridges, footpaths, drainage, waste collection and management
  • provision of recreation facilities, such as parks, sports fields and stadiums, golf courses, swimming pools, sport centres, halls, camping grounds and caravan parks
  • health services such as water and food inspection, immunisation services, toilet facilities, noise control and meat inspection and animal control
  • community services, such as child-care, aged care and accommodation, community care and welfare services
  • building services, including inspections, licensing, certification and enforcement
  • planning and development approval
  • administration of facilities, such as airports and aerodromes, ports and marinas, cemeteries, parking facilities and street parking
  • cultural facilities and services, such as libraries, art galleries and museums
  • water and sewerage services in some states, and
  • other services, such as abattoirs, sale-yards and group purchasing schemes

For more detailed information on statistics, attractions, community profiles of each LGA, click on the relevant LGA logo for details:

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