Yelverton Bio Industries (YBI) Unit Trust

Project Title
Company Name
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Site address
Lot size(s)
Land Tenure
Latitude /  Longitude
Level of investment 
Tony Fletcher
(041) 224-6942
46 142 352 795
SWDC representative
Yelverton Bio Industries (YBI) Unit Trust

Project Details

Including fit with SW Blueprint (updated), need for the project, economic gap or market failure addressed, unique selling points, estimated project budget (construction and operation), timelines, export potential, social and environmental benefits.
To be added

Potential Economic Impact

Modelling (using REMPLAN and based on project budget), capital investment, industry sectors, expected employment, project location, local procurement policy.
More information required to answer this section accurately as it will depend on the scale of the project we choose to construct. We are in R&D stage, talking to SWDC, local Shires and Government Ministers in regards to what will fit into the area and attempting to find out what is already in process.All supplies and trades will be sourced locally as per our local procurement policy

Project Status

Including progress to date, funding and grants secured (or in train), meetings with project partners
- Research and Concept development and funding applications.- Meetings with local and state members of parliament, local government health andplanning officers and SWDC staff.
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